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Experience In Commercial Lease Disputes

The landlord-tenant relationship is an uneasy alliance. Years may pass without serious argument or incident until a dispute or a change in circumstances suddenly drives a wedge between the parties.

The Womack Law Firm in Houston has extensive experience with commercial lease disputes, representing commercial property owners or tenant businesses in Harris County and throughout Texas. Attorney Mark Womack can intervene promptly when it is important to limit costs and salvage the relationship. When parties are past the point of mending fences, he is also called upon to execute legal action, from eviction and collections to counterclaims for breach of contract.

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Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes Over Leases

Houston lawyer Mark T. Womack is a trained litigator, but he understands the symbiotic relationship and the mutual losses when commercial lease disputes cannot be patched up. He aims to resolve conflicts between commercial landlords and commercial tenants peaceably and cost-effectively, while always preparing for court.

In 30-plus years of experience, Mr. Womack has addressed every commercial lease scenario, including:

  • Past-due rent
  • Lease violations
  • Damage to property
  • Covenants and restrictions
  • Maintenance, utilities and renovations
  • Improper termination
  • Early termination
  • Change of ownership
  • Right of first refusal

On behalf of property owners, Mr. Womack can pursue collection in full, negotiation of arrears, eviction proceedings and/or post-eviction judgments and liens. On behalf of tenants, he can negotiate payment arrangements, renegotiate the terms of the lease contract, defend alleged violations or fight wrongful eviction.

Get A Swift Yet Measured Response From A Courtroom Veteran

Rushing to litigation can be costly and counterproductive, but letting things play out may be equally disastrous. Our early involvement helps clients protect their interests and make informed decisions. To arrange a confidential consultation with our experienced Houston commercial lease dispute attorney, call 281-407-7155.