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Were You Wrongly Fired Or Retaliated Against?

Most employees are reluctant to make waves specifically because of the fear of backlash. Some employers take advantage of this, keeping workers under their thumb with threats and following through to retaliate against those who do cry foul.

The Womack Law Firm levels the playing field. The firm stand up for workers who have suffered harassment, termination or other reprisals for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing or asserting their rights. Mr. Womack’s employment litigation practice handles lawsuits for retaliation and wrongful termination in Harris County and throughout Texas.

If you believe you were retaliated against by your employer, contact the firm today to discuss your rights and options.

Making Things Right For Victims Of Employment Retaliation

Experienced trial lawyer Mark T. Womack is widely recognized in Houston and beyond for his results in civil litigation and his knowledge of federal and state employment law. He is attuned to the tactics — sometimes overt and heavy-handed, but often subtle and sneaky — that employers use to punish employees.

Workplace retaliation takes many forms, including demotion or transfer, punitive assignments or exclusion, harassment or micromanagement, physical assault or intimidation, pay deductions, negative job reviews, and wrongful termination.

The firm holds employers accountable for adverse actions stemming from:

  • Whistleblowing on an employer’s fraud or illegal activity
  • Refusing to engage in unlawful conduct
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Taking pregnancy leave or leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Reporting sexual harassment or other discrimination

In many cases, employers will delay action to hide their motives or fabricate reasons to fire a worker summarily. Mr. Womack is skilled at cutting through these schemes to reveal the retaliatory nature of adverse actions. He has obtained notable recoveries, through settlements and verdicts, to compensate clients for the emotional distress, lost earnings, stalled career and/or damage to reputation.

Contact A Texas Attorney Who Understands Wrongful Termination

If you are still on the job, it is understandable that your livelihood is at stake. If you were fired or forced to quit because of the hostile work environment (constructive discharge), you likely have suffered a great loss. Mr. Womack is committed to justice under applicable state and federal laws and will support you at every step of an intimidating legal process.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Houston-based attorney, call The Womack Law Firm at 281-407-7155.