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Representing The Victims Of Sexual Harassment

While many friendships and relationships are formed in the workplace, these interactions must always remain appropriate and professional. When a line is crossed and you feel uncomfortable with someone else, it may be time to take action. Inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace is a violation of your rights. If have been sexually harassed at work, it is essential that you enlist an experienced employment law attorney.

The Womack Law Firm takes sexual harassment cases in Houston very seriously. Attorney Mark T. Womack has more than 30 years of experience handling a range of employment law cases, including sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. He is committed to fighting for you at every step of the process. Mr. Womack can advise you of how to move forward with your case, and work to protect your livelihood.

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Behaviors That May Constitute Sexual Harassment

All situations are different and need to be evaluated to determine if sexual harassment has occurred. However, there are a number of behaviors that should not be tolerated and often constitute sexual harassment, such as:

  • Inappropriate or lewd jokes
  • Discussion of sexual activities
  • Unwanted sexual advances, physical contact or touching
  • Talking about one’s physical attributes or appearance
  • Inappropriate gesturing
  • Promises of job-related benefits, such as a promotion, in return for sexual contact

On-The-Job Harassment

Workplace harassment is not always sexual in nature. Many individuals find themselves in situations where another person is mistreating and harassing them due to a variety of reasons, including their sexual orientation or appearance. It is important to know that any type of harassment should be immediately reported to your supervisor and legal action taken.

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