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Combating Disability Discrimination In Texas

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act and corresponding state laws of Texas prohibit employers from discriminating against workers or job candidates on the basis of their disability or perceived impairment. Further, the ADA requires employers to make a good faith effort to accommodate the disability.

Unfortunately, some Texas employers continue to mistreat workers or skirt the law, causing humiliation and hardships for people who come to the workforce with disabilities. The Womack Law Firm will aggressively represent you if you have suffered disability discrimination in the workplace or in the hiring process. Employment litigation lawyer Mark T. Womack takes cases in Houston and Harris County and throughout Texas.

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Asserting Your Rights In ADA Litigation

There are two main prongs of the Americans with Disabilities Act:

  • Employers cannot discriminate against disabled persons in hiring, pay, benefits, job assignments, promotions, discipline, termination or any facet of employment.
  • Employers must engage in an interactive process with a disabled employee to provide reasonable accommodations.

The firm has successfully represented workers with physical or mental disabilities who were turned down for employment, passed over for promotions, hidden away from the public or otherwise treated differently than their able-bodied counterparts.

Mr. Womack has also taken employers to task for failure to accommodate disabilities, such as adjusted work hours, adaptive technology or handicap-accessible facilities. Employers cannot bypass the law unless the accommodation would be prohibitively expensive, and they must try to meet the employee halfway if the initial request is not feasible.

You Deserve To Work And To Be Treated Fairly

Attorney Womack’s advocacy for disabled clients has forced employers to honor their obligations under the ADA, and we have won damages in lawsuits for disability discrimination to make employers atone for their egregious and illegal conduct.

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