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Help In Private Equity And Unfair Competition Cases

Attorney Mark Womack at The Womack Law Firm in Houston has vast experience representing parties throughout Texas in private equity disputes.

While private equity encompasses a wide diversity of industries and focus, the firm recognizes that private equity firms face similar, recurring legal issues and litigation risks. From failed deals and shareholder disputes to intellectual property and antitrust allegations, Mr. Womack understands the world of private equity and the litigation it routinely encounters.

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Types Of Representation Provided

Representative cases in the securities fraud area and private equity areas have dealt with claims that private equity firms conspired to allocate the market for leveraged buyouts of public companies by, among other things, submitting sham bids, agreeing not to bid and including losing bidders in transactions; mortgage portfolio disputes; claims of interference with mergers; and disputes regarding solicitations and offers to private equity investors.

  • Mr. Womack is also experienced in price-fixing, market allocation, concerted refusal to deal, and monopolization claims involving products and services such as shipping and trade channels, steel, and peanut seed.
  • The firm has represented plaintiffs and defendants in predatory pricing cases, Robinson-Patman Act cases, and cases involving anticompetitive merchandising and wholesale distribution policies, overcharging, misappropriation and theft of trade secrets, dilution of marks and brands, conspiracy to restrain trade, manipulation and monopolization of markets, pricing power disputes, agreements to limit competition, and dealer terminations.

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