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Offering Keen Advocacy In Partnership Disputes

Disputes between business partners can cause permanent damage to a business. When issues between partners degrade the ability of a business to function, it is time to seek legal representation.

At The Womack Law Firm in Houston, attorney Mark Womack has been advising business partners on ways to resolve issues for over 30 years. He focuses on getting businesses of all sizes through disputes – so they can concentrate on the operation and growth of their business.

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Don’t Let A Dispute Get In The Way Of Running Your Business

The Womack Law Firm knows that a temporary dispute can affect all aspects of a business operation. Mr. Womack’s work carefully to come up with creative solutions to partnership disputes. If a business argument cannot be resolved out of court, he fully prepare for litigation.

Mr. Womack frequently handle the following business and partnership disputes:

  • Disputes involving payments that are owed
  • Breach of contract
  • Embezzlement
  • Partnership debts
  • Partnership breakups
  • Partnership tax issues
  • Asset division
  • Business dissolutions
  • Other business conflicts

The Firm’s Approach

No matter how complex your business or partnership dispute may seem, there is a good chance it can be resolved. Nothing is more important than protecting your business and assets — the firm understands that and works toward achieving the optimal result that allows your business to continue and prosper.

Mr. Womack has been helping businesses resolve legal issues for over 30 years. Whether you are dealing with a partner who has shared trade secrets, or a situation in which a contract has been broken,

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