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Resolving Business Torts In Houston And Statewide

Has your business suffered from unfair competition, been subjected to fraud or misrepresentation of a service or product or been involved in a commercial real estate contract dispute with another business? Such things are not only harmful to your company’s prosperity but also represent actionable wrongs that may require you to vindicate your rights in court.

At The Womack Law Firm, attorney Mark Womack has been handling business tort and real estate disputes for over 30 years. He has helped hundreds of businesses resolve complex business disputes through both careful negotiation and steadfast litigation. He works closely with his clients, keeping them informed at all stages of the process so that they can make tactical decisions in their case. With his knowledge and skill on your side, you can be confident that your opposition will take your case seriously. To set up a consultation regarding your legal matter, call the firm’s Houston office at 281-407-7155.

What Is A Business Tort?

Business torts, or economic torts, are civil wrongs that result in financial loss or reputational damage to a business. These legal issues differ from criminal offenses and may stem from various actions such as unfair competition, fraud or misrepresentation. Such torts can be initiated by individuals, other businesses or company insiders. Business torts encompass various wrongful acts such as tortious interference, restraint of trade, theft of trade secrets, fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and trade libel, each potentially causing financial harm or reputational damage that may be addressed through legal action.

When a business experiences financial harm from these torts, it may seek relief through the legal system to recover monetary damages. The courts also have the authority to issue injunctions to prevent ongoing or future unlawful conduct. With the support of The Womack Law Firm, you can pursue compensation for damages, and the court may intervene to halt further unlawful conduct.

Helping Businesses Resolve Legal Issues

A business tort may arise from an action in which one business acted in a way that caused damage to another business. This is not where one company is simply more competitive, but where theft, misrepresentation or fraud allows one company to gain an advantage. The Womack Law Firm has handled hundreds of business tort cases, including those involving the following:

  • Deceptive and unfair trade practices, tortious interference with contracts, interference with prospective economic advantage, negligence and gross negligence, fraudulent inducement, promissory estoppels, unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, imposition of constructive trusts, foreclosure disputes, foreclosure injunctions, failures to issue stock, declarations of dividends, shareholder freeze outs, corporate mismanagement, conspiracies to deny shareholder’s rights, shareholder oppression, use of company assets for personal gain, failure to deliver financial information, patent infringement and invalidity, technology license disputes, false and misleading financial statements, misleading and omitted statements in sales of securities, wrongful conduct of underwriting auditors, violation of state and federal securities acts, failure to issue stock and damages to reputation and goodwill
  • Unfair competition, false advertising, misrepresentation, trade secrets, intellectual property, partnership disputes and real estate disputes
  • Matters involving disputes between wholesalers and retailers, insurers and reinsurers, and financial institutions, including matters relating to banking operations and loan participation
  • Franchising, lender liability, consumer protection disputes, bid disputes and environmental cases

When a business acts in a way that can harm another business – apart from normal market competitiveness – a business tort may ensue. The business that has suffered may file a lawsuit to recover compensation for damages suffered, including monetary losses as well as damage to the reputation of the business.

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