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Resolving Oil, Gas And Natural Resources Litigation

Based in Houston, The Womack Law Firm represents clients statewide in every phase of the international oil and gas and natural resources businesses. Attorney Mark Womack represents exploration and production companies and property and royalty owners in a variety of disputes involving:

  • Production and profit-sharing agreements
  • Gas gathering and transmission agreements
  • Working, royalty, and overriding royalty interests
  • Gas gathering systems and meter stations
  • Duties to maintain system balances in gas transmission systems
  • Nomination agreements
  • Securities law violations
  • Acquisitions of producing properties
  • Income distribution
  • Gathering lines and systems
  • Reserve estimates and calculations
  • Proxy solicitations
  • Petroleum reserves
  • Take-or-pay purchase agreements
  • Drilling and production and operating agreements
  • Trespass by injections into geologic and mineral producing formations
  • Disposal of industrial wastes
  • Partnership and limited partnership interests in producing properties
  • Breach of fiduciary duties to partners
  • Reserve values and potential future cash flows
  • Accountings of partnership assets

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