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Representing High-Level Employees In Complex Disputes

As an employee, your job is more than just a way to provide for your family; it is part of your identity. It is where you spend the better part of your day and a good majority of your mental energy.

The Womack Law Firm provides strong and experienced representation in employment litigation for employees, including executives and others in upper management. Employee disputes can be very complicated, especially for employees with sophisticated responsibilities. There is no substitute for demonstrated courtroom skills and 30-plus years of experience.

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Mr. Womack has a long history of success in employment matters. He will personally sit down with you to listen to your story and explain your legal rights. Then, in close consultation with you, he will take appropriate action. Even if your case is complicated or involves high-level employees and management, he has the knowledge and ability to pursue the most positive outcome possible.

We handle all areas of employment law, including:

If you are in dispute with your employer or if you have suffered an adverse employment action, our legal team will be your advocate. Through settlements and verdicts, our firm has successfully held Texas employers accountable for monetary damages such as back pay, front pay and emotional distress.

Employer counsel and representation
Our attorney has extensive experience in business litigation, including defending employers against lawsuits. He also advises business owners on complying with state and federal employment and wage and hour laws. See Employment Law For Employers.

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