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One of the many threats any business faces are breaches of contract. Matters involving a breach of contract can happen in an infinite number of ways, all resulting in losses to the business. An experienced business law attorney can offer advice quickly on how to proceed and how to quickly stem the losses. At The Womack Law Firm, attorney Mark Womack has over 30 years of experience helping business clients deal with contract disputes.

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What Is Breach Of Contract?

Put very simply, breach of contract means breaking a promise. In business, breach of contract could include any of the following:

  • Failure to acknowledge and obey the sections of a contract
  • Failure to pay fees by specified time
  • Failure of employee to obey a noncompete agreement

Breach of fiduciary duty, on the other hand, is the failure to act in the best interest of another person, business or third party. Breach of fiduciary duty occurs between parties who are obligated in a legal relationship involving trust. In business, breach of fiduciary duty can occur when an employee acts in a way that places his interest before those of his employer.

The Firm’s Services

At The Womack Law Firm, Mr. Womack assists businesses throughout the Houston metropolitan area that have suffered due to breach of contract or fiduciary duty. He has experience handling the following types of cases:

  • Licensing agreement disputes, breach of trust or fiduciary relationships, breach of good faith, breach of loyalty, thefts, acceptance of secret commissions, conflicts of interest, breach of fair dealing, and attorney liability for aiding and abetting
  • Contract disputes, noncompete agreement disputes, title disputes, employment law disputes, wrongful termination, construction disputes and discrimination lawsuits involving both employers and employees
  • Complex commercial litigation (trial and appellate), including secured lender representation, patent and trademark disputes, antitrust, business fraud claims, insurance disputes, and securities and bank stock financing
  • Litigation for banking regulatory-related issues, debt collection, RICO claims, false advertising claims, public utility regulation, foreclosures, real estate developments and investments, construction and bankruptcy

Mr. Womack has over 30 years of experience assisting businesses in dispute resolution. When the success of a business is at stake, nothing is more important than hiring an attorney who is devoted to business litigation — that’s where he comes in.

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