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Don’t Accept Age Discrimination

Some employers view older workers, even if they are healthy and productive and loyal, as a liability rather than an asset. Employees of a certain age are commonly overlooked in hiring or singled out in the workplace or in layoffs, with devastating personal and financial impact.

The Womack Law Firm in Houston represents CFOs, managers and other high-level employees who have suffered adverse employment actions on the basis of their age. Mark Womack can assert your legal remedies under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and corresponding laws of Texas.

Discuss failure to hire, failure to promote, wrongful demotion or termination matters during a consultation at our firm.

Age Discrimination Is Illegal

The ADEA protects job applicants and employees age 40 and older from discriminatory treatment in any facet of employment, including hiring, pay, benefits, job assignments, advancement, discipline or firing.

Attorney Womack is a proven trial lawyer with extensive experience in employment law. He has litigated age discrimination cases throughout Texas, including a large settlement on behalf of a senior executive of a major natural resources company.

He will explain your rights under the law and help you document discriminatory actions by employers or supervisors, such as:

  • Age limits or age questions in job postings and applications
  • Comments along the lines of “getting old” or “slowing down”
  • Disproportionate layoffs of older workers
  • Retaliation for reporting age discrimination or harassment
  • Demotion or reassignment after an age milestone
  • Losing a promotion to a younger, less-qualified employee
  • A pattern of perks or different rules for younger workers

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Age bias is humiliating and may create a hostile work environment or hamper your future ability to earn a living. You may be entitled to monetary damages for back pay, projected earnings, damage to reputation, emotional distress and other harm.

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