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Fighting Employment Discrimination In Texas

Attorney Mark T. Womack is a well-known employment lawyer in Texas, reputed for his hard work and dedication in employment law litigation. The Womack Law Firm prides itself on the fact that it offers clients the best of both worlds: big firm employment law experience and results along with small firm personal service and attention.

Mr. Womack represents employees in employment law disputes. His firm is committed to helping employees who have been wrongfully terminated from employment or otherwise adversely affected by racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination or a host of other work-related afflictions. From its centrally located office in downtown Houston, the firm represents the best interests of clients in a variety of areas of the law.

Call the firm to learn more about how we handle employment discrimination cases: 281-407-7155.

Mr. Womack has extensive experience handling severance disputes involving corporate executives. As with other types of litigation, he does not limit himself to either plaintiffs or defendants and has represented both executives and corporations with great success. Executive compensation disputes may take the form of informal negotiations, confidential arbitrations, full-blown jury trials, or anything in between. Indeed, the same case may evolve quickly from private negotiations to arbitration or litigation.

Mark Womack is experienced in negotiation but our primary business is trying and winning lawsuits. The types of claims asserted and defended against typically involve wrongful termination; breaches of employment contracts, equity participation agreements, stock buy-back agreements, and golden parachute benefit agreements; shareholder oppression; and breach of fiduciary duty.

Employment Discrimination And Sexual Harassment

Employment and labor law litigation often involves employment discrimination and sexual harassment. Our areas of practice include:

Wrongful Termination And Retaliatory Discharge

The firm represents employees and workers in wrongful termination, retaliation, and whistleblower cases. Mr. Womack’s cases include:

  • Equal pay retaliation
  • Severance agreements
  • Wage and hour law violations
  • Whistleblower litigation
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliatory discharge

If you are an employee who may have been discriminated against by your employer, the firm can assist you in pursuing your employment discrimination claim. Contact the firm to discuss the merits of your case. Call toll-free at 281-407-7155.