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Securities Fraud

Have you lost your investment or life savings due to securities fraud or investment fraud? If so, you are not alone. Indeed, many people (especially senior citizens) have fallen prey to securities fraud. If this has happened to you, or perhaps to your elderly parents — do not despair. Help is available by enlisting securities fraud attorney Mark Womack at the Houston, Texas, office of The Womack Law Firm.

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

It is not uncommon for people to lose money in stock market investments due to unscrupulous stockbrokers. While knowledgeable and competent in their areas of professional expertise, many people lack the sophistication to navigate the complex rules governing stock trading. Consequently, they rely entirely on the information and advice they receive from their stockbrokers, and that is as it should be.

Stockbrokers hold the keys to financial security for many Americans for whom the income generated by their investment portfolios is an important part of their retirement planning. However, due to a general lack of knowledge concerning the stock market, misplaced trust in their stockbroker has led to partial or complete financial ruin.

Some examples of securities fraud include:

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If you (or someone you know such as your elderly parents) have lost your investment due to securities fraud or bad investment advice, it is possible to recover your loss due to stockbroker liability. Email a stockbroker misconduct lawyer at our Houston, Texas, firm to arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss the merits of your case. You can also call 281-407-7155.