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Check out these examples of age discrimination

There are times when a company may do something that discriminates against you. This is particularly common among the aging population. Sometimes, it’s thought that those who are getting older can’t keep up or that they earn too much to keep them when a younger person could do the same job for less.

You don’t want to lose your job, and it’s not fair to lose it because of age discrimination. Here are two different situations that could be a sign that your termination was related to your age.

3 examples of wrongful termination cases

A wrongful termination can throw your life into turmoil. Not only have you lost your job, but you have also lost your job due to a ridiculous reason. Fortunately, people like yourself do have legal options in these situations.

To understand if you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you need to know what kinds of actions your employer can’t take. Here are three different examples of things that are not allowed and that could mean you have a wrongful termination case.

Recognize these 2 types of sexual harassment on the job

Sexual harassment has no place on the job. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances or sexual conduct that results in a person’s environment being offensive or hostile. It may also interfere with the person’s work.

Sexual harassment is against the law. As an employee, you’re protected against others harassing you, whether it’s a coworker, client or boss. Both state and federal laws recognize sexual harassment as a kind of discrimination and protect you against it.

Is your employer discriminating because of your pregnancy?

Most women already know that finding a job while you’re visibly pregnant can be difficult, if not impossible. Employers can not legally ask if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, and they are not allowed to make hiring decisions based on pregnancy, but many still do. In some ways, it’s even worse when a company you’ve been working for decides to discriminate against you because of pregnancy. You may have put in months or years of hard work, but suddenly your employer no longer views you as a valuable and worthwhile employee. Your employer could even try to fire you.

You deserve better, and so do any future women who become pregnant while working for your employer. It can be frightening to assert your rights, especially when you’re pregnant and potentially reliant on employer insurance for your medical care. However, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible if you suspect your employer is mistreating you or refusing to accommodate you because of your pregnancy.

Age discrimination: A true problem in the workforce

Age discrimination is a true problem in America. There are individuals who work their entire lives for a company only to lose their jobs when they get to an age that the employer sees as being too old. While most people won’t experience this kind of discrimination, it’s still seen too often.

Age discrimination takes place when an employer hires, fires, promotes or demotes a person based on age alone. Age discrimination is covered under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which makes age discrimination against those 40 or older illegal. It doesn’t help to protect those under that age, but there are some other laws that could help if you’re under 40 and discriminated against.

5 things to know when you are terminated or laid off

You count on your job to pay your bills. You can’t make payments if you don’t have an income. You could lose your home or suffer other consequences. Labor laws in this country, including some that are specific to Texas, provide you with some rights that you must know about.

3 signs of subtle age discrimination

You planned on retiring by now, but the economic crash at the end of the last decade took its toll. Now you’re out looking for a job, and you’re finding that the workplace can be tough for someone in one’s 60s. You felt like it was hard when you’d just graduated, but there are issues you never expected to contend with that come along with being the older part of the workforce. Companies don’t want to hire you because of your age.

A company likely won’t come out and tell you that they’re not hiring you because you’re too old. That’s discrimination and it’s illegal. However, some subtle signs of age discrimination include:

3 points men should know about sexual harassment

Many people think that only women are sexually harassed at work, but this isn’t the case. Men can also be sexually harassed. If you believe that you are being sexually harassed at work, consider these three things so that you can decide how to address it. You might opt to take legal action to stop the harassment and hold your employer liable for the harassment that occurred there.

What constitutes workplace harassment?

Many Houston-area residents experienced some form of bullying during their childhood years. Children and teens often endure this kind of harassment – even if is unlawful – and they have a hard time making it stop. As an adult worker in Texas, things are different. No employee should ever have to endure workplace harassment and if such harassment does occur, the abused employee will be able to seek financial restitution in court for the damages the harassment caused him or her.

Age discrimination and wrongful termination

The Texas economy, much like the national economy in the United States, has been changing dramatically over the last two decades. Thanks, in part, to manufacturers moving offshore and to shifts in the domestic energy industry, there has been a steady loss of good-paying jobs in many areas. In some cases, those who have worked for years or even decades with the same company have been terminated because of age discrimination. For those who believe that their demotion or termination were based on age discrimination, working with an attorney may be the only form of available recourse.