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Putting An End To Hostile Work Environments

All employees deserve to work in a setting where they feel safe and secure, as well as productive and successful. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Workplace bullying and harassment can lead to a hostile work environment. If you are experiencing conduct at work that you believe to be harassing and causing a hostile environment, you have options.

The Womack Law Firm is aggressive in the pursuit of justice on behalf of employees who are in a hostile work environment. These situations are illegal and employees are protected by several state and federal laws. Attorney Mark T. Womack has been handling these types of cases for more than 30 years and is a skilled litigator who advocates for his clients’ rights.

You do not have to tolerate any hostility in the workplace. Contact the firm today for help.

Legal Standards In Hostile Work Environment Cases

It is important to understand that while a work environment may be unpleasant, it may not reach the legal definition of a hostile work environment. When a case is filed, the courts look at the entire situation and documented details. Some factors that are considered when determining whether or not a situation reached the level of legally hostile include:

  • If the behavior was physically intimidating
  • If verbal threats were issued
  • The regularity or frequency with which harassing or offensive behaviors occurred
  • Whether or not the conduct interfered with the employee’s ability perform his or her daily tasks
  • Management’s response to the reporting of the conduct

Since Mr. Womack has years of experience in the area of employment law, he is fully aware of how state and federal laws apply in these situations. He can quickly determine whether or not we should move forward with your case, or if reaching a positive outcome is unlikely.

If you report harassment, it is also illegal for any work retaliation to occur. If your co-workers or supervisors take negative action against you, or if the harassment escalates, you may have additional causes of action against your employer.

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