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Helping Individuals And Businesses Resolve Tax Litigation

If you are dealing with a complex tax issue, you understand how technical and confusing the issue can be. The IRS and other government agencies can be difficult to deal with, and given the more than 1,000 Tax Code sections and 6,000 sections in the Code of Federal Regulations, even understanding the issue is sometimes very difficult. At The Womack Law Firm, attorney Mark Womack understands tax law, and can help you deal with the tax issue you may be facing.

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Providing Comprehensive Tax Litigation Services

Mr. Womack has over 26 years of experience in business law, and uses his knowledge and experience to work for clients. He focuses on assisting clients dealing with the following tax issues:

  • IRS tax audits
  • Tax appeals
  • Tax collection issues
  • Deduction or exemption issues
  • Gift and estate tax issues
  • Underreporting taxes

He can represent you in various administrative hearings and tax court, whether you are dealing with the Internal Revenue Service or a state agency. Attorney Womack understands tax laws and how they apply to you — including both state tax laws and those of the IRS. He represents clients dealing with income tax, estate tax, business tax, payroll tax, and other taxes.

The Womack Law Firm offers options to resolve their tax controversies. Mr. Womack thoroughly assess clients’ tax situations to fully understand what is at stake for them or their business. Whether a case is resolved through settlement or through trial, he know the importance of handling tax matters professionally and thoroughly.

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