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Check out these examples of age discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Employment Law

Check out these examples of age discrimination

There are times when a company may do something that discriminates against you. This is particularly common among the aging population. Sometimes, it’s thought that those who are getting older can’t keep up or that they earn too much to keep them when a younger person could do the same job for less.

You don’t want to lose your job, and it’s not fair to lose it because of age discrimination. Here are two different situations that could be a sign that your termination was related to your age.

The company assumes you’ll get “bored”

Sometimes, older individuals are seen as those who are “overqualified” and who may become bored with their work. They may look to move on quickly or decide to leave after a short time. Basing a hiring decision on assumptions about your age is discrimination.

The company lets you go … but you’re almost into retirement

Imagine working for a company for 40 or 50 years. You decide to retire at the end of the next year. Your last review was stellar, and there was no reason to assume anything was wrong. Suddenly, you’re told you’re being let go which is going to cost you your retirement.

If the company decided to let your go solely because it would need to pay your retirement benefits when you retired next year, that is ageism. It is also illegal for your employer to fire you to prevent you from collecting your pension in order to save the company money.

Age discrimination comes in many forms, and it can sometimes be hard to prove. If you believe you’ve been fired or are being harassed due to your age, you may have a case that you can take to court against your employer. You deserve respect, and the law is on your side.